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Biological systems for use of manure from intensive livestockholdings of dairy cattle farms

VIII Rural Studie’s Congress 2019

Cultural landscapes: Herities and challenges in the territory 2019 Aveleda and its partners, attended the Rural Studie's Congress, in December 2019."As academic discussion around cultural landscapes has been less frequent, it is...

Innovation Summit 2018

National Innovation Summit on agriculture forests and Rural Development. Aveleda and its partners, attended the National Summit Innovation in agriculture, forests and Rural Development in October 2018."A major challenge for EPL, in particular large farms, is to...

Innovation Workshop 2017

Forest workshop INIAV attended the Innovation Workshop, in June 2017 in Mealhada, Portugal Workshops to support agricultural, agri-food and forestry innovation projects to market successful products and services.


Dairy Cattle Intensive Livestock has a vital social and economic importance for the Region between Douro and Minho in Portugal. However, it produces high loads of effluents with polluting and environmental potential, as is the case of leachate (mixture of urine, faeces and water from various sources). These effluents have high levels of N, P and K, and micronutrients, such as Cu and Zn, as well as pathogenic microorganisms. On the other hand, slurry continues to be a fertilizer resource for the soil, increasing the content of organic matter and nutrients available and improving its structure.

AVELEDA S.A. has been looking for sustainable solutions that make the exploration of its forests an asset for the company. This is why Aveleda has taken the initiative to create an innovative model for effluent, and forest land management with a view of “circular economy” and “zero waste” on the scale of the unit of exploration, converting effluents into an opportunity and an economic and environmental added value. Go-Biochorume is an initiative promoted by the company AVELEDA S.A. with public and private partners like: National Institute of Agricultural and Veterinary Research (INIAV), Portuguese Catholic University – School of Biotechnology (UCP-ESB), National Federation of Cooperatives of Milk Producers (FENALAC) and the Forest Association of Portugal (FORESTIS).


Aveleda S.A.

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Aveleda has been in the Guedes family for 5 generations and since its foundation in 1870, has combined tradition and innovation. Born in Quinta da Aveleda, in the Vinho Verde wine region, the company quickly gained recognition for the Aveleda and Casal Garcia brands currently exported to more than 70 countries worldwide, becoming the leading company in Vinho Verde.
The second decade of the 21st century marks a period of significant growth for Aveleda, which is now present in four wine regions in Portugal: Vinho Verde, Bairrada, Douro and Algarve.
Since its foundation, the passion for winegrowing, family, people, sustainability, biodiversity and attention to detail are the guiding principles of Aveleda. [more]

ESB - Universidade Católica

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The National Institute for Agrarian and Veterinarian Research I. P. (INIAV) is the State Laboratory of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forests and Rural Development, that develops research activities in the agricultural and veterinary fields. It has the task of carrying out scientific and policy research to support public policies, while defending the national interests and the deepening of Europe’s common policies. [more]

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