Objectives of the Project

The objective is to create an innovative model, alternative to the traditional one, to minimize the problems coming from the excess of livestock effluents in dairy farms in the region of Entre Douro e Minho in Portugal, promoting their valeu as supplier of organic matter to the soil and availability of nutrients for the production of biomass for energy self supply purposes, contributing to the improvement of the economic sustainability of intensive dairy cattle farms.

The specific objectives are:

1. Implement sustainable techniques to incorporate effluents into the soil; 

2. To implement techniques and plantation models of Paulwonia sp. and Populus sp; 

3. Evaluate the increase in wood production and aerial foliar biomass with the application of leachate and the energy characteristics of these species; 

4. To analyze the chemical, organic and forage composition of the leaf biomass of Paulownia sp. for use as a food supplement for animals; 

5. To monitor and evaluate the annual evolution of the physical and chemical characteristics of the soils and the C reservoir rates in the Test Units; 

6. To demonstrate the capacity of extraction of nutrients from the soil by the species used, in soils with application of leachate; 

7. Elaborate a notebook of good practices for the management and application of effluents based on the trinomial effluents-solo-culture at the scale of the production/farming/agricultural unit; 

8. To analyse the integration of the activities of this type of livestock farming, through the know-how developed by the NIS&I entities, meeting the needs of the problem of the valorization of these effluents; 

9. Evaluate the economic results of the operation with the introduction of the model; 

10. Use plants inoculated with mycorrhizal fungi of selected species to improve the physiological activity of trees, particularly the extraction of nutrients by plants, the production of biomass and resistance to diseases and pests.


Aveleda S.A.

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Aveleda has been in the Guedes family for 5 generations and since its foundation in 1870, has combined tradition and innovation. Born in Quinta da Aveleda, in the Vinho Verde wine region, the company quickly gained recognition for the Aveleda and Casal Garcia brands currently exported to more than 70 countries worldwide, becoming the leading company in Vinho Verde.
The second decade of the 21st century marks a period of significant growth for Aveleda, which is now present in four wine regions in Portugal: Vinho Verde, Bairrada, Douro and Algarve.
Since its foundation, the passion for winegrowing, family, people, sustainability, biodiversity and attention to detail are the guiding principles of Aveleda. [more]

ESB - Universidade Católica

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The National Institute for Agrarian and Veterinarian Research I. P. (INIAV) is the State Laboratory of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forests and Rural Development, that develops research activities in the agricultural and veterinary fields. It has the task of carrying out scientific and policy research to support public policies, while defending the national interests and the deepening of Europe’s common policies. [more]

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